Welcome To BJ’s Beach House!

On Pansy Bayou just outside of St. Armands Key in Sarasota, FL you will find the retirement home of the Developer of Chiropractic, BJ Palmer. This is the Florida home where B.J. finished out his final years by enjoying the beautiful Florida weather and writing his last two textbooks.

This historic home is filled with personal memorabilia, historic chiropractic publications and artifacts, and a collection of the original furniture owned by B.J. Palmer at the time when he died in 1961. This amazing home memorializes B.J. as “The Developer of Chiropractic” and will remind you of how B.J.’s faith and perseverance resulted in an on-going service to humanity.

A Florida Retreat Like No Other!

The B.J. Palmer Memorial Home is a fascinating facility for the preservation and display of irreplaceable mementos of Dr. B.J. Palmer. As you approach the front door, a striking wrought-iron reproduction of B.J.’s initials will greet you.

Passing through the front door you will enter a spacious house of over 4,000 square feet. This commodious facility that was B.J.’s home features a vast living room and library, dining room, fully equipped kitchen, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, breezeway and sitting room. The home contains furniture that was in the house when B.J. died as well as pieces from his residence in Davenport.

The original furniture along with personal items, including his comb, brush, wallet, and hat boxes are on permanent display in the bedroom where B.J. died. Every effort has been made to re-create B.J.’s bedroom to the original arrangement. The concert Grand Piano (once played by Ignace Paderewski) and Roycroft furniture remain, although the other pieces are rotated seasonally.

Thank you for all of your hard work keeping and preserving this historic site. It is wonderfully kept and a joy to see the history of Chiropractic.
Dr. Haig John


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